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A person who professionally assists, design, plan and manage the whole wedding activities. Weddings are most important event in people’s lives. We spend heavy amounts to ensure that the weeding are well managed and organized. Wedding planners are the professionals and experts in managing venues and wedding supplies by their experience and education.


It’s important to know that why should we hire professional? It’s very simple, they have their own expertise. They make your dream true by their experience and professionalism. You will get the good services in competitive budget.

Services and Process
  • Discussing and interviewing the bride and groom to identify the needs and demands.
  • Preparation of the budget.
  • Event designing and style preparations.
  • Suggestion about the venue and availability of the venue in the specific dates.
  • Creating checklist with every event detail and times of every actions.
  • Preparation of Guest list.
  • Hiring of professionals on all services which may be required.
  • Selection of decoration designs and getting approval from client.
  • Coordination with all vendors for delivery of the their services and items on wedding day.
  • Back-up and risk plan for any disaster.
  • Use of technology with schedule alarm system.
  • Providing of cultural activities.
  • Assist and prepare all details which are required

Event management of birthday parties, events and celebrations. Learn how to organize birthday events by yourself or what professional event managers can do to assure a successful party. Details about all planning steps and potential mistakes.

Birthday events recognize the milestones in a person’s life. These festivities can be casual or formal. They may be intimate, with just a few close friends and family; or they can be grand events. There are two basic types of birthday parties: children’s and adults’, and each present its own set of challenges.

shareholder meetings. This gives the shareholders a chance to see and perhaps even test the product before it is introduced to the general public. However, if the product is huge the company may want to create a huge event and the shareholder may find out the same time as the media and the company’s customers.

To introduce the product to the old and new customers. Sometimes this is not a formal event. For example, a company announcing a new soft drink may set up a booth at a major sporting event or large fair. These events require just as much planning as setting up a major event at convention hall. Space has to be reserved, displays have to be set up and staff has to be hired.

To introduce the product to the media. Depending on the size of the company and the product, this could be in the form of a press conference. But many companies choose to have one big event and invite the media as well. Planning a product launch where the media is invited is a bit of extra work. You must make sure there is room for photographers—both still photographers and videographers. And they must have an excellent view so that they can capture the action. You should make sure to prepare a “press kit“ that will contain the information about the product and the company.

How to plan a Product Launch?
Whoever has the task handling the market introduction of a new product, has a huge responsibility. Some of the things to consider are:


Most product launch events happen in big cities or in cities where the company is located. Sometimes these launches are held at big convention halls so that there is room for the shareholders and the media. However, some product launches are held in the board rooms of the corporate offices. The venue depends on how big the company is, how big the product is and how much money the company wants to invest in the market introduction.


When Nintendo and Sony launch a new video game console, the companies will usually release it in different places at different times. Sometimes a product will be a big hit in Europe or Asia before it is released in North America and vice versa. Usually the introduction of a new product, such as new toy or game console, coincides with the holiday season. New soft drinks may be launched during a big sporting event like the Super Bowl or the World Series. Millions of people watch these events and announcing the new product and airing commercials during these events will create a buzz.


If the president of the company wants food at the event, the planner has a lot of decisions to make. Will it be finger foods or a full-course meal. What time of day with the new product launch event be held? What kind of food will be best for the attendees? How much food should be ordered? Will wait staff be needed?

The small details

These may not seem like a big deal, but they could make or break an event. Can you imagine Microsoft launching a new product and half the attendees having to stand because there are not enough chairs? Most product launches include an information packet that is given to the guests. These packages need to be ready to go and there need to be enough for everyone. The convention or meeting planner is responsible for making sure the small details are handled.

The responsibility of the talent manager is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career.

The roles and responsibilities of a talent manager vary slightly from industry to industry, as do the commissions to which the manager is entitled. For example, a music manager’s duties differ from those managers who advise actors, writers, or directors. A manager can also help artists find an agent, or help them decide when to leave their current agent and identify who to select as a new agent. Talent agents have the authority to make deals for their clients while managers usually can only informally establish connections with producers and studios but do not have the ability to negotiate contracts. Why Choose Us ?

Artist Management at White Horse Event Management represents some of the most outstanding performers from India in the fields of voice over, spokespersons, hosts and actors, guest stars, co-stars, female models, male models, Club DJ’s, Bhangra Group, Singers – Male Singers, Female Singers, Punjabi Singers, Ghazal Singers etc.; Rhythm and Blues (R & B/POP), Master of Ceremonies (MC’s), Mainstream Artist, Hip Hop, DJ’s etc. With the capriciousness of current music occupation models, along with the astounding range of music-related chances available to those in the know, the success edge will go to the most well-versed individuals running with the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, timing, and game plan execution systematically. Our list of artists in different fields under Artists Management will come soon.

Our wide range of PAN India Network help to provide a complete solution of Managing Professional Artists such as Bollywood Celebrities, Singers, Laughter Challenge Comedians, Bands, Belly Dancers, Pole Dancers, Salsa / Latino / Samba Dancers, Bollywood Item Dancers, Western / Folk Dance Troupes, International Acrobats, National Mimic’s & Emcee’s assuring good quality and professionalism regards to particular artist. Our aim is to assist our clients to get the best for their investment made and make task of presenting a great show as easy as possible. We have been responsible for arranging Concerts across India for several years and specialize in planning and executing of all engagements related to events.

Dealers Meets

Keeping your dealers & distributors up to date with changes and updates on products & policies is an important criterion to rocket sales &helps to provide the space and to add energy with vigor among the dealers to put their best efforts for becoming special and number one. We lend our helping hand with arranging world class dealers meets, from event anchors to audio-visual infrastructure, taking care of all printing and communication needs to even helping with training companies which can use the occasion for useful training sales strategy development or training sessions. Int. Conference

It’s about lasting impressions, when an international conference or even is done well, it is a powerful motivator and a memorable way to reinforce your business objectives. Let us help you choose your location and accommodation needs for the next International Conference planned by you. Close collaboration of our conference staff with your colleagues during all stages of the project ensures maximal and most effective synergy to the benefit of the conference. Just ask for our roster of no obligation suggestions, and treat your valued winners to the experience of a lifetime.

Product Launch

Criticality of a product launch is well understood by us, as its success could determine a brands survival. At Innovative Incentives, our aim is to help customers put as much care, planning and great execution into launching products as went into their conception and development. With the correct launch, new and innovative products have great advantages early in their life cycles–competition is light, media and analyst interest is heavy, sales channel enthusiasm is passionate and buyers are energized by the novelty of the product’s promised solutions. In today’s “speed of thought” mentality, getting your product to market first is absolutely critical to your sales and profit success.

Road Shows

Our idea of road shows and rendering promotional services is to give more visibility that allows the customer to directly relate to the product. We organize road shows with innovative themes that give your product high reach and coverage. We design, fabricate, handle promotions and analyze customer reactions when executing a road show. Our expertise in road shows will enable you to reach out to a large number of audiences. And always make sure that the message conveyed to the target audience by our clients in the best possible manner. This is the reason we work in tandem with clients, understand their need and conceptualize accordingly. We do road shows on behalf of corporate houses, personal brands and many more.

Leisure Trips

Getting organized for a leisure trip for your team or chosen customers can be a daunting task. We help you create, organize, access and share all your trip plans. Our team of experts will make your trip planning easier. We get you all information in one place; have conversations, pricing, and logistic arrangement to help you make decisions. By taking the pain out of planning your trip, we will let you focus on the fun and excitement of your next adventure.

Team Building

Whether you are motivating your sales force, hosting an event or rewarding a team for achieving a target, our team strives to exceed your goals and expectations. We provide impeccable team building services to our clients. Furthermore, our team of qualified professionals assists the clients in conducting all types of business and formal tam building exercises, right from the conceptualization, planning and execution of the events in an effective manner, ensuring to fulfill all the specifications in an effective manner.

The Conference Management & Event Planning (CMEP) certificate program is designed to provide a comprehensive overview and knowledge of the meeting and event industry. Gain a firm understanding of how the industry operates and knowledge in the designing, planning, coordinating and executing phases of meetings, conferences, conventions, special events and trade shows. Students will learn best industry practices and the role of a meeting and event planner.

A requirement to receive the Certificate is to develop a project plan for a specific conference and special event from start to post-event analysis. The project ultimately serves as a professional portfolio demonstrating the student’s learning and ability.

A 30 hour internship is required. Online students are welcome to contact the school for assistance in arranging for an internship in Las Vegas or to request for an introduction letter for an internship in their home city. Each semester, over 1,000 hours of internship opportunities are provided to students.

Specializing in event management, we also arrange for fashion shows. Our servicesFashion Showinclude arrangements of models, decoration, and preparation of dais to various other arrangements. Over the past years, we have organized fashion shows for a large number of clients and ensure them of timely execution of the necessary tasks. The fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.

In the present assumption, every now and then we keep listening about a diversity of Indian and international fashion shows. We at Fun Designers, organizes exotic varieties of fashion show according to the choice of the clients. Usually in a fashion show, models walkway on to the ramps wearing designer hate couture wardrobe to exhibit his or her forthcoming line of clothing. As a fashion show organizer, we give a chance even to the new comers who want to make their career in this vast field of fashion show to demonstrate their designs and styles aiming not only for domestic clients but also for international clients. Once they get a golden opportunity, they might be in a position to earn a name, fame and establish their foot in this glamour world of fashion. What is the benefit to give a chance to the new comers? By adopting this policy, our budget clients are more attracted to demonstrate their products to the consumers and get popularity of their brand at budget rate or rea Fashion Showsonable rate. Secondly, those enthusiasts who want a chance to enter into this professional world, they have the best opportunity to prove themselves. We are organizing almost all types of fashion shows – local fashion show mostly held at malls, fall fashion show, model fashion show, prom fashion show, national level fashion show and international level fashion show.

The services of Fun Designers in this filed of fashion show include arrangements of models, ornamentation, planning of dais to several other arrangements. Over the past few years, we have coordinated fashion shows in different parts of India for a large number of clients and assure them of timely performance of the necessary tasks. Our different fashion show like fashion concerts, swimwear fashion show, wedding fashion show, and other types of fashion shows organized by us attract a large number of clients from the fashion industry and fashion houses.

Adhista is an experienced organizer for event planning and management. In addition, we also supply all the on-site technical support you may need from live video to sound systems, special lighting or any other supporting props, material, backdrops or venue decoration. Whatever you require to ensure a first class ceremony and improve your corporate reputation we can provide.

With our extensive experience and considerable service resources, Bling Communications can help you plan and organize a memorable and effective inauguration ceremony for your committee members and guests. Our services include:

Comprehensive inauguration ceremony plan Organization and management of inauguration ceremony details Decoration of event venue

Contact Bling Communications for more inauguration ceremony information.

Laser Shows are no more surprise items for Indian audience. A well packed entertaining programmed will surely project laser lighting as a part and parcel of its entertainment. Be it a song and dance sequence, fashion shows, ceremony of a wedding , disco floors, or any other such events, the florescent streaks of laser lighting can simply create an electrifying ambience in a jiffy. This inherently more focused beam is extremely visible, and is often used as an effect. Mark1 Events as one of the leading event organizers, are quite well known for arranging laser shows in their events. We produce laser light shows for musical, wedding and corporate events. As our specialty, we create musical and entertainment laser shows, weddings and corporate events.

We use the latest laser technology for full-color projection for powerful beam effects. All of our shows can be performed without the hassles. Each show features dazzling colorful laser animations, cartoons, and beam effects all choreographed to a musical soundtrack and theme. In addition, other laser beams slice through the air to add dramatic “Star Wars” effects. The technical know how required for the best output is well praised as each and every laser show that either runs solely or simultaneously with other entertaining programmed, are well balanced and matched with highly trained professionals who know how to turn on the mood of the party at the right juncture!

Press conferences are events where meetings are held between companies led by their executive management and the journalist from the press and other media. Such conferences are usually organized to convey messages or make any special announcements and answer various questions from the journalists gathered regarding the agenda of the press meet.

Press conference can be the key to winning positive media attention and also that holding a press conference is a simple and effective way to convey your message to the masses. Our event managers excel in organizing events like press releases, interviews and informal media contacts which can prove to be an excellent method of getting your message across. Hiring our services you can be best assured that the press conference will go off without a hitch.

We pride in providing timely events following a fixed schedule of events. Our job on the event starts by fixing the time and the place of the event. After that we decide upon the matter of the invitation to be sent out by consulting and understanding the purpose of the press meet. The invitations are then printed and distributed to all leading news channels in advance. Courtesy calls are also made by us to the editors and veteran reporters requesting their attendance at the event. Arrangements for food, dinners or cocktails are taken care of following the conference.

We also put together and provide with media kits which include a list of participants at the press conference and the information about them through quotes and photographs, additional information about the purpose of the event and the key points conveyed at the event etc. and if it the event is a multinational launching a new product, and making announcements of a launch we also prepare a comprehensive give away gifts guest lists for the attending journalists.

The basic aim of our managers at a press conference is to keep the attending journalists and reporters happy and try to get the most and favorable covering of the event for our clients.

Service Provider of a wide range of services which include Stage Shows Event Management Service, Stage Shows Management Service, Celebrity Stage Shows Management Service, Live Stage Shows Management Service, Stage Fashion Shows Event Management Service and Stage Entertainment Shows Event Management Service.

Capitalizing on the capability of our trained and assiduous personnel, we are instrumental in presenting widely recommended Stage Shows Event Management Service. Valued hugely due to their reliability, promptness and flexibility, these provided services are imparted by dexterous executives as per the market defined guidelines. More to this, we guarantee furnishing these in between the given span of time.

Being amid the most recognized names of the industry, we are immersed in rendering Stage Shows Management Service. We are supported with a team of skilled employees and knowledgeable professionals who implement this service in most competence way within the prescribed time frame.

With the endless support of our skillful crew of employees, we are able to implement Celebrity Stage Shows Management Service. Presented services are implemented at most reasonable rates. Additionally, these services are highly recognized amid respected clients for their flexibility, trustworthiness and on time delivery.

We have made a praiseworthy place for ourselves in this domain by rendering Live Stage Shows Management Service. Rendered by some of the proficient professionals, these rendered services could be obtained from us at low rates. Moreover to this, we deliver these to our customers on time and at most reasonable rates.

Meetings are common business events in large companies, perfect to discuss operational and financial strategies

Team Building Team Building Events a key to develop and motivate teams in companies and divisions. Everything about the planning of professional team building events

Trade Show Trade Shows exhibitions where companies can present and demonstrate their latest products. A professional presentation is crucial

Business Dinner Business Dinners a long-standing corporate tradition to conclude fiscal years, celebrate new milestones or to get in contact with key customers

Golf Event Golf Events golf tournaments or retreats. Those events aim to acquire new customers, to increase customer loyalty or to motivate employees

Press Conference Press Conferences perfect business events to promote new products, launch marketing campaigns or to inform the shareholders and public about financial issues

Networking Event Networking Events are personal marketing galas. Such events are great opportunities for contact establishment and personal marketing

Incentive Travel Incentive Travel are perfect to reward and to motivate employees or to increase customer loyalty and retention. Everything about incentive travel:

Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremonies are held to start conventions, annual meetings and other events that last for two or more days. Find everything about opening events

Product Launch Product Launches are critical for the successful market introduction of some products. A perfect product presentation might also increase the media coverage

Theme Party Theme Parties events that devote to a special topic. Popular events are casino nights or Halloween parties. Ideas and planning tips

VIP Event VIP Events are used to increase customer loyalty. Professional planners organizing VIP events that ultimately increase your revenues

Trade Fair Trade Fairs are a great opportunity to present your latest products to customers and business partners.

Annual Shareholder Meeting Shareholder Meetings are yearly and obligatory events to inform a corporation’s shareholders about company issues and to elect the Board of Directors

Award Ceremony Award Ceremonies are great events to honor and motivate key staff or to acquire and retain customers. Event planners are able to organize events to remember

Incentive Event Incentive Events motivate employees or close the ties to customers. Event managers are planning events that help to enhance customer loyalty

Board Meeting Board Meetings focus on strategic goals and visions. The event venue and the planning process should reflect the prestigious nature of these meetings

Executie Retreat Executive Retreats escapes from stressful work schedules and the day-to-day business. Learn how they should stimulate free thinking and creativity

This Business qualification in Event Management addresses the specific needs of the Cultural and Creative industries. The business modules are contextualized to the cultural sector and you will develop core business skills in event management. What is Cultural Event Management?

The sector is regarded as a significant contributor to the Irish economy and includes not just ‘cultural’ industries but also ‘creative’ industries. This course provides the transferable and traversal skills identified by the Expert Skills group as relevant for the labor market. The programme is delivered on Thursday evening and Friday with some Saturday workshops/masterclasses. On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

Understand and critically evaluate the structure and functioning of the cultural and creative industries in Ireland. Apply key business skills and analysis to cultural events including: event management, strategic management, strategic marketing, HR, Finance and fundraising, and Law. Analyst and critically evaluate cultural policy and the social and economic impacts of cultural events at national, regional and local level. Conceptualization, plan and develop appropriate business models for cultural events, diagnose problems and identify solutions relating to cultural events. Conduct sector research, analyses and present findings. Work as part of a team and/or individually. Think critically in light of social, cultural, philosophical and ethical business issues as they relate to cultural event management.

Future careers

– Work as a cultural event manager in a variety of arts organization or in the festival sector

– Work with an event management company providing services to a wide range of clients

– Be a frelance manager/cultural entrepreneur or a specialist manager within the cultural industries (e.g. music promoter)

– Continue your studies to Masters and/or PhD level abroad.

What modules will I study?

Cultural Event Management, Digital Marketing, Fundraising and Sponsorship, Law, HRM and Volunteerism, Strategic Management, Cultural Policy, Finance, Cultural Entrepreneurship Experience